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Aim & Scope

Journal of History and Social Sciences [JHSS] is a peer-reviewed Open Access (OA) Journal published annually in the month of December on South Asian History and Social Sciences in electronic format. Interplay of technology and scholarship has helped e-journals to evolve as essential forums for the introduction and dissemination of new researches and the critiquing of existing knowledge. JHSS aims to publish original research articles, reports and reviews with an emphasis upon emerging and on-going debates relating to all areas of South Asian History and Social Sciences addressing complex socio-historical issues. It is indexed in Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).
The Journal provides:
■ A focus on interdisciplinary research breaking rigid academic boundaries.
■ Communication and collaboration across various disciplines of social sciences.
■ A worldwide forum for the stimulation and promotion of original research.

Following disciplines constitute the core areas published in JHSS to achieve an overarching inter-disciplinarity:
History: Indology - social, cultural, economic and political aspects relating to ancient, medieval and modern periods of Indian History, Literature, Epigraphy, Archaeology, Art & Architecture, Religion, Philosophy, Historiography; various aspects of South Asian History and Archaeology.
Social Sciences: (South Asia in general and India in particular): Sociology, Anthropology, Law, Geography, Political Science, Journalism, Public Administration, Psychology, Economics, Gender Studies.
Social Science is an umbrella term which includes many emerging disciplines such as Philosophy of Science, Women's studies, Rural Development and many such interlinked disciplines which are also covered by JHSS. India has been an essential part of the Oriental discourse, besides China and Japan, hence, JHSS also covers issues relating to the History and Culture of both these countries. Inevitably, articles published in JHSS across from the above disciplines will address a wide diaspora of audience ranging from academicians, policy makers to those interested in researches.
JHSS promotes an integrated approach emphasizing both theory and research practices. Journal of History and Social Sciences is a peer-reviewed journal committed to provide original and authentic source of information through interdisciplinary synergy in an easily accessible medium worldwide.


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